maandag 10 mei 2010


Welcome to the weblog of the Girona Minicon 2011!
It will be held in the Gran Ultonia Hotel in the historic center of Girona.
The minicon will start on April 19, and will last until April 22.

We have a fantastic guest speaker: Joan Vizcarra!
He can be considered as the best caricaturist of Spain.

There will be several workshops during the four days of the

We consider friendship and contacts between the artist as the
most important thing of the minicon.
But we also have some competitions:
- Likeness competition
- Best b/w caricature
- Best color caricature
- Best 3D-piece
- Portfolio competition
- Best Studio piece

You can draw 24h/24h in our drawing venue!
We know some caricaturists are really at their best during the
night, so keep drawing!!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. really cool, and your right, my morning is other´s night..

  2. Great to see the website up and running, Wendy and I hope to make the first 2 days but then we have to get back for gigs! I know you guy's will make a fantastic convention for everyone!

  3. Hope you can make it, Steve. It will be lots of fun!

  4. Just made my reservation hope to see some familiar faces there :)

  5. Hi Nelson!!! Great to have you here... I am looking forward to seeing you in April!

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