1. Likeness competition
The likeness competition will be held on Tuesday the 19th of
April at 16.00.
Three photos of faces will be projected - each for about 8 minutes.
The drawings will be collected and presented on the walls.
All registered artists can vote for their favorite drawings and the
results will be addedto know the winners.
Paper size: maximum A3!
2. Best b/w caricature
3. Best color caricature
4. Best 3D-piece
These drawings/works have to be made during the regular drawing
time, as foreseen in the schedule.
5. Portfolio competition
6. Best Studio piece
Portfolios and Studio pieces can be displayed from Wednesday
morning at 10.00.
After Vizcarra's workshop, at 17.00, there will be voted on portfolios
and Studio pieces.
Portfolios and Studio pieces are to be made before the convention.
As the organization cannot be held responsable for damaged work,
we advise you to bring prints instead of your original artwork.

The results of the competitions will be made public at
the farewell dinner on Friday evening.